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Our Capabilities

247 North Main Street

Jacobus, PA 17407

Phone: (717) 428-1423

Fax: (717) 428-1020


EDM2South York Tool can provide die and mold tooling, EDM service (wire, ram, & small hole), precision grinding, and CNC machining.

We have become the “go to people” for mold repairs and engineering changes to your tooling. South York Tool is committed to developing close relationships with our customers to thoroughly understand exactly what revisions or repairs are needed. We have found this to be the most efficient way to accomplish the task with as little “down time” as possible. This has proven to be valuable asset to our customers. In most cases you are directly communicating with the “hands on” person for your project.

WireWe have built solid relationships with precision welding and plating companies who we work with on a regular basis, because they are committed to quality as well.

 Our in house heat treating system provides us control over the complete process and eliminates delays caused by out sourcing. This reinforces our commitment to keeping projects on schedule. In today’s “just in time” manufacturing world you can have no weak links.

We can work from your prints, or CAD files in dwg, iges, sldprt, or dxf formats. Our ”welcome mat” is always out , ready to take you thru our facility and field any question you may have.


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