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247 North Main Street

Jacobus, PA 17407

Phone: (717) 428-1423

Fax: (717) 428-1020


What is the normal turn around time for quotes?

24 – 48 hours or as per customers needs. We often respond to quotes within hours when required.

How long have we been in business?

Since June 1996.

Describe your facility.

The building and property is owned by South York Tool and is completely climate controlled, well lighted and secured. Our EDM and precision grinding area is completely separate from our chip making equipment. Grinding dust is controlled with Torit dust collector.

What are your inspection capabilities?

We have (1) Jone & Lampson optical comparator with 20X & 50x lenses, (1) Mitutoyo toolmakers microscope, 0”-12” Micrometers w/ .0001 readings & standards, several sets of gage blocks, .00005 jeweled indicators, numerous Mitutoyo Digimatic height gages w/ .0001 readouts and various granite surface plates and knees.


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